About PagePeeker and This Blog


PagePeeker aims to be the best thumbnail and screenshot capturing site. That’s our only mission. All we care about is capturing website shots. From this, a number of goals emerge:

  • To be able to capture thumbnails for all sites
  • To  gracefully fail if a site is not available
  •  To retry very fast for a number of times if a site fails to capture
  • To have a number of different browsers we try capturing with. If one fails,maybe another works well
  • To continuously keep our capturing software updated so all modern sites can be captured exactly as they look in the modern browsers

We strive to keep up with the goals set above. This required a continuous development effort for our technology and our engineers employ the best practices to achieve this.

Technology stack

In order to achieve our lofty goals, we are forced to continuously innovate on the technology front. This means out tools change all the time, but they are mainly structured around these items:


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Nginx


  • Python
  • C++ / Linux
  • GTK
  • Webkit
  • Gecko

From time to time, our tech guys might post on this blog an article or two on how they solved interesting technical challenges.

This blog

The aim of this blog is to keep you, our values customers, informed about what we do. We know most of you are tech savvy, being either webmasters, or business owners, so the language of the blog is going to be technical at times. I also hope this blog will get me and the people in the company a place to post our thoughts on the website screenshot and thumbnail industry, the technology behind it and generally about the internet and doing business online.